Just a wandering bird crazed hobo.


“Kestrel” – Male – 33 – Human – Ranger – Chaotic

An odd looking man with just as odd behavior to match. Eccentric, boisterous, and knows no boundaries. Accompanying him is his companion pigeon, whom he affectionately calls Murderess. He boasts impressive strength and skill, but when it comes to talking, or let alone thinking, he definitely needs more than just a little polishing. His forwardness and earnestness can be his strengths, but his lack of finesse and tact are his downfalls.



Kestrel’s life was a rather ordinary one, at least in his early years. He lived in the company of a large family. Although not particularly wealthy (they were in fact, very poor), the child lived a happy life. That was, until poverty caught up with them, and he found himself abandoned- ousted out by a family that could no longer afford to support him. Being as young as he was, this devastated him. He could barely read, let alone speak, so how was he to even survive in the cruel world of mankind?
The answer was clear. He wasn’t.

He tried to take all the labor jobs he could, but he didn’t get paid enough for the grueling, dangerous work he did, and in the end, he would be thrown out for a better, healthier worker. No matter how hard he tried, an uneducated, inexperienced child such as himself would never be able to make it anywhere.
But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t survive elsewhere. He soon found himself in the wilderness, and instead made his home there. There, he lived for his own survival. Free of humanity’s rules and standards, and he began to enjoy the sensation of free will. He accepted life in the wild. It was then that he took on the name Kestrel, his given name long forgotten. He had flown free of humanity’s shackles, and was starting life anew.
He could never stay in one place for long. Kestrel was flighty, and sought new homes as soon as he found a new one. That being said, he enjoys a rather nomadic lifestyle, roaming across the lands, relying only on his own skills and instinct.
To the current day, he still remains prideful of the fact that he is a self made man.

As the years passed by, Kestrel learned to learn by watching others. Archery, hunting, fighting. He either observed it in travellers who passed through the area he inhabited, or by watching the techniques of the many animals he learned to live with.
Somewhere along his journeys, he met his companion pigeon, which he would learn to affectionately call ‘The Murderess’. Formerly a carrier pigeon, she already carried an affinity of sorts with humans. A bad one. She was dubbed far too vicious for the job, as she often attacked the recipient instead of giving them the mail.
Surprisingly enough, her first reaction to Kestrel was not to attack him. It was to land on his head, and sit there. Probably because it looked like a nest, with the twigs and dirt and… Other things in it. Kestrel welcomed this ‘friend of nature’, and later on discovered that she was quite violent when it came to defending him. Likely because they had formed a symbiotic relationship of sorts, but Kestrel attributed it to the deep bond of friendship that had been sparked upon their meeting.



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